Sunday, July 11, 2010

Jewelry Mirror

I have a lot of jewelry. I hate having my necklaces out in the open so I made a secret hide-away for them without adding another piece of furniture in my room.

Material List:
1. full lenth mirror
2. 1x2s
3. board for the back of the mirror
4. hinges
5. hooks to hang necklaces
6. paint, screws, etc

Here's the mirror opened up. I'll add adhesive hooks to the back of the mirror when I run out of room inside (that'll be before I know it!)

Add a little vinyl design when you accidentally crack the mirror while screwing in the hinges.....

The board that I have for the back of the mirror is an old cupboard door that the mirror fit perfectly in. I added the 1x2 frame straight to the back of the board and painted it all white (distressed).

And the finished product....

It keeps all of my clutter hidden, but yet it's all still at my finger tips when I'm running late in the morning!

1 comment:

  1. Love it! I've seen these sold for $200-300 and I've always wanted one. What a great way to make a cheap alternative!