Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Chandelier Pillow

Chandelier Pillow Tutorial

My daughter actually made most of this pillow, I did the sewing even though she probably could have done that herself too! It was so easy and she loves her pillow - that's all that really matters!

Here are the supplies I used:
  1. Pillow form
  2. Soft Black fabric
  3. Black Feathers
  4. Fabric Paint
  5. Stencil (I used my Circut to cut this out)

I cut out the fabric to the size of the pillow form.

Mackenzie used the Circut and cut out the template that she chose.

Since vynal is expensive (and I'm cheap) I went to the Dollar Store and bought some contact paper. It works the exact same! And the entire role was only $2....not too shabby!

I used Tulip's Soft fabric paint. It has held up really well, I would recommend it.

After the stencil was cut out we stuck it onto the fabric.

Mackenzie had to find all of the little pieces and match it all up.

Mackenzie filled in the stencil with the paint using a makeup sponge.

Let the paint dry.

Carefully peal the stencil off of the fabric.


Here's the finished paint job

After sewing the pillow together with the fabric, this is the final pillow!

Happy Sewing!!


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  1. looks gorgeous, well done. What's a 'circuit machine?' I haven't seen these before.