Monday, August 6, 2012

DIY Dog Feeders

When my  my Great Dane Abby was younger I made her a table for her food bowls. I had talked with another Great Dane owner at the dog park and she suggested it to me since its hard on larger dogs to bend down to the floor. About a year later we got another dog, Shay (a lab), so I made her the same table. Well that's been a few years and those tables, while still serving their purposes, have seen WAY better days! I decided it was past time to make new feeding stations for them.
 I still needed holes in the top of the feeder for the dog bowls. But this time instead of paint I opted for vinyl that I cut and wrapped around the top of the unit. This way it is easy to clean and that disgusting paint won't chip away!
 I added a shelf under the bowls so that in case water drips down it won't get to any of the contents of the feeder.
I added doors to the front of the cabinet to hide everything and make it look a little nicer :)
 I wanted the feeder to serve multiple purposes though. I really wanted to put their food under the bowls, but they are large dogs. Large dogs eat. A lot! And I have gone thru about 6 different food containers and like the one that I have so that wasn't going to work.

I settled on having a cupboard under the bowls so that I could store all of the leashes, collars, brushes, medicines, etc. Man, I think they might have as much stuff as a kid! Oh wait.....they kind of act like kids sometimes as well so I guess that kind of fits!!

I am SO much happier with the way this feeder looks compared to the other ones!!

Amanda :)


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